The Advocacy Committee of NCACTE has drafted seven priorities to guide our work as we advocate for Teacher Education in North Carolina:

          1. ​Include Educator Preparation Programs (EPPs) in the review and development of policies

              and legislation relative to educator preparation.

          2. Require all teachers in North Carolina classrooms to have completed an

               accredited professional preparation program.

          3. Hold all preparation pathways to high standards, program reviews, and transparency


          4. Require all candidates who complete these programs and pathways to meet equally high


          5. Create accountability systems for EPPs that provide actionable and reasonable metrics to

              support continuous improvement of preparation programs. 

                              Statement on Current  Proposed EPP Sanction Models

                              Statement on Future EPP Sanction Comparison Models

          6. Establish and sustain mutually beneficial and collaborative relationships with local education

              authorities (LEAs) in preparing future educators for NC classrooms.

          7. Ensure that the voices of independent colleges and state universities are equally considered

              in policy-making.

The Advocacy Committee is seeking input from the membership regarding these priorities. Please click on the button below to submit your feedback.

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