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North Carolina Association of Colleges for Teacher Education


MEMBERSHIP in the NCACTE includes the faculty within private and public institutions and public agencies across North Carolina that foster teacher education. Dues are paid annually by each member institution, and therefore, all faculty who are involved in teacher education are automatically members. The college/university membership includes not only faculty in education units, but also those who are involved in the specialty and content areas. Persons involved in teacher education support agencies also are members, as well as staff in related organizations. If your organization is interested in joining NCACTE, there is also a one-time $100 joining fee. Please review our Constitution to learn more about our structure and governance. 

NCACTE sponsors one large conference and numerous webinars throughout the year. The Annual Fall Forum held in Raleigh, is a two-day conference that focuses upon collaboration among the members. National and state speakers highlight the program that also features research presentations in concurrent sessions by members. 

Members of NCACTE are encouraged to contribute information about the history and development of the organization that can be recorded on this website. Please send an e-mail message to info@ncacte.org. Relevant documents, photographs, copies of past proceedings, and other information will be accepted with appreciation, and will help to create a history of the organization as this website continues to develop.