Each member institution in good standing may nominate one candidate for the NCACTE Award of the Year. One teacher candidate from the North Carolina Association for Colleges and Teacher Educators member institutions will be recognized as the Outstanding Student Teacher of the Year in North Carolina.  This recognition will be celebrated at the annual Fall NCACTE meeting.

The teacher candidate must have been nominated as the Outstanding Student Teacher at their home

college or university.

Instructions for Submitting a Nomination

Please identify one teacher candidate nominee from your professional preparation, initial licensure

program. Go to the NCACTE website (http://www.ncacte.org) and click on the "Student Teacher Award" button 

to download the following documents for review (the buttons to the right):
         * Award Process
         * Cover page template
         * Narrative guidelines

         * Evaluation rubric

Please note the following guidelines for the submission process:
          * Submit just one nominee per NCACTE member institution.
          * The signature of dean or approved designee is required.
          * Complete a coversheet for the nominee.
          * Note that the nominee’s personal contact information must be included.
          * The nominee must follow all guidelines for the narrative.
          * The Dean (or designee) must create one .pdf file to include the coversheet, narrative and 3 letters of recommendation and submit on

                       behalf of the nominee.

Please do not submit any of the following:
           * Resumes
           * Transcripts
           * Images
           * More than three letters of recommendation

The submission deadline is May 31, 2018. Please submit your teacher candidate nomination for NCACTE Student Teacher of the Year to ncacte.stoy@gmail.com. The file name should be last name of candidate and name of member institution (i.e., grube_wcu).


May 31:  Dossiers to be submitted electronically by this date

June 10:  Review of dossiers to be completed by this date

July 23:  Teacher Candidate reviews are completed

July 30:   Teacher candidate finalists and home institutions notified of selection of top 5

August 15: Finalists must submit rsvp for the celebration

Review Process:
The committee will be made up of the NCACTE Executive Board members and additional representatives from outside the organization (i.e., state PTA member, legislator, superintendent, DPI representative, etc).  Representation from large, small, public, and private teacher education programs will be ensured.   

Each University will submit a brief electronic “dossier” for review on behalf of the nominee.  Submission requirements and criteria are listed above.  The committee will meet electronically to discuss process and verify that the first five (or six) criteria are met and establish the slate of candidates for review.  Criteria 7 will be evaluated using a rubric.  We will have a training using a standard rubric to reduce bias.  Reviewers will not review student nominees from their institution.  In the first round of reviews, each committee member will conduct an independent review of a representative sample of teacher candidate dossiers, selecting their top candidates from a public and private institution.  The reviewer will use a rubric to rank each candidate.  In the second round of reviews, conducted electronically, the whole committee will discuss the top ranked candidates and determine a winner.

The President of NCACTE will notify the home institutions and teacher candidates by July 15th to allow for preparation to attend a reception and recognition ceremony at the annual fall NCACTE Meeting.  Details of the reception and ceremony will be shared with the finalists at that time. A form and invite will be sent to the teacher candidates to collect who will attend and current information.

The date of the Outstanding Student Teacher of the Year award will be held on the Thursday evening of the annual Fall NC-ACTE meeting. 

 The reception will be held prior to the ceremony for approximately one hour.  Heavy hors d’oeuvres will be served.  The ceremony will consist of remarks by the President of NCACTE and an invited speaker (politician, BOE member, etc).  Each of the finalists will be recognized with additional remarks for the winner.  Photos will be taken of each finalist.  Each finalist will be provided with a gift and a certificate of their achievement.  A gift and a plaque will be provided for the winner.

Public Relations:
Appropriate education professionals and politicians will be invited to attend the ceremony.  Those persons could include, but not be limited to: representatives from the college/university and host school (i.e. cooperating teacher) members of the Governor’s Office, state legislators, members of the State Board of Education, members of the State Superintendent’s Office, etc.  Media will be invited and press releases issued to college/universities and local newspapers of the winner.

Major media outlets will be invited to the ceremony.  Additionally, the winning teacher candidate’s local television and newsprint media will be invited.

The NCACTE President will solicit sponsorship for the reception and ceremony as a means to support costs associated with the reception (food, drink, gifts, certificates).

A budget line will be established by the organization to ensure sustainability for the annual recognition of the state’s best student teacher.  A determination of what costs the organization will support and what costs a potential sponsor could support will be assessed annually.

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