Congratulations to our 2018 Student Teacher of the Year:

Makayla Church
UNC Charlotte


North Carolina Association for Colleges and Teacher Educators

NCACTE Student Teacher of the Year Award

Apply for the 2019 Student Teacher of the Year Award

​For  the  fourth  year  in  a  row,  we  are  excited  to  announce  plans  to  recognize  an  elite  group of  student  teachers  of  the  year from  each  of  our  member  institutions.  Additionally, we  will  recognize  the  top  student teacher from  this  elite  group  of  nominees.    

Our  plans  are  to  provide  an  event  at  our  annual  fall  forum  where  we  recognize  these  outstanding  future  educators.    As  yet  another  advocacy  initiative,  we will  invite  legislators,  education  professionals,  and  members  of  the  media  to  raise  awareness  of  the  good  work  our member  institutions  are  doing  in  producing  quality  teacher  candidates  for  North  Carolina  public  schools.  

Directions for applying to the NCACTE Student Teacher of the Year are available on the buttons below.

 We  hope  that  each  of  our  member  institutions  will  participate  in  this  opportunity  to  recognize  our  best  and  brightest  teacher  education  candidates  and  share  the  good work  of  our  institutions  and  school  partners  with  a  broader  audience.