2019 Student Teacher of the Year:

Bonnie Roop

UNC Charlotte

2017 Student Teacher of the Year:

Eliana Berger

UNC Greensboro

2021 Student Teacher of the Year:

James Michael Sapp

UNC Chapel Hill

2016 Student Teacher of the Year:

Amanda Blakely

East Carolina University

2018 Student Teacher of the Year:

Makayla Church

UNC Charlotte

2022 Student Teacher of the Year:

Caitlin Lambert

Western Carolina University

2020 Student Teacher of the Year:

Grace Minter

Mid-Atlantic Christian University


North Carolina Association of Colleges for Teacher Education

NCACTE Student Teacher of the Year Award

​Each member institution in good standing may nominate one candidate for the North Carolina Association of Colleges and Teacher Educators Award of the Year. One teacher candidate from the NCACTE member institutions will be recognized as the Outstanding Student Teacher of the Year in North Carolina. This recognition will be celebrated at the annual fall NCACTE Teacher Education Forum.

The teacher candidate must have been nominated as the Outstanding Student Teacher, or otherwise recognized for excellence, at their home college or university.

Teacher candidate nominee shall submit an electronic “dossier” that includes the following:

A completed coversheet from the member institution, including a minimum grade point average of 3.25,verified by the dean/designee

A reflection on student teaching experience (based on the writing prompts provided) of no more than 2500 words
double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font.

Recommendation letter* from 3 of the following:
a college/university faculty member
university supervisor
the cooperating teacher
the principal/designee at the school where student teaching was completed

Full Submission Requirements and Rubric can be found using the buttons below.

May 26: Dossiers to be submitted electronically 
End-July: Review of teacher candidate dossiers to be completed 
Mid-August: Teacher candidate finalists and home institutions notified of selection of top 10
End-August: Finalists must submit RSVP for the celebration