​​NCACTE 2018 Fall forum

October 3-5, 2018

North Raleigh Hilton

Call for Proposals Is Now Open

Membership in NCACTE includes the faculty within private and public institutions and public agencies across North Carolina. Dues are paid by each member institution, and therefore, all faculty who are involved in teacher education are members.

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NC State University


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NCACTE sponsors two major conferences each year, the Fall and Spring Teacher Education Forums. These conferences focus on relevant topics in teacher education as they relate to North Carolina and issues pertinent to our goal of ongoing advocacy.

NCACTE is the leading advocacy voice for teacher preparation in North Carolina. Our goal is to unite its members around key issues, collaborate with internal and external constituents, and lead strategic actions to impact P-14 and teacher education.

The North Carolina Association of Colleges and Teacher Educators is the organization that unites teacher educators in both public and private colleges and universities, staff and faculty in state created initiatives and consortia, and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. NCACTE is the lead advocacy group for policy issues regarding teacher preparation in North Carolina. We invite you to become engaged in our advocacy initiatives and help us move forward.

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Chris Godwin

Campbell University

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NC State University

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Lenoir-Rhyne University

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